The Evanstar Chronicles

Being hunted by Demons isn’t the worst part; it’s the lies.

Power Inversion

In the most recent installation to the Evanstar Chronicles, Erin is on a mission to save their partner from the Demons who abducted him.

Life Minus Me

Life Minus Me is a novella set just before Power Surge. It’s a story about prophecy, depression, and dogs that can be read as a standalone or as prequel to Power Surge.

Power Surge

Power Surge is the first book in the Evanstar Chronicles. Join Erin as they discover the supernatural world, grapple with mental illness, and fall in love with their best friend.

What Reviewers are saying:

“But what really grabbed me (like Codair’s other books) is the emotional core of the story. Erin’s journey deepens and their emotional wellbeing and strength are challenged in personal ways after receiving major news that seems to shatter them. “

R.J. Sorrento 

“Power Surge is a great read, especially as it has a non-binary protagonist who’s not afraid to punch evil in the face. At the same time, they are a complex character with emotional problems.”

William Tracy 
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