Sinfully Sweet Honey Glazed Chicken

Aside from being delicious and questionably the healthy, I decided to title this chicken recipe as “Sinfully Sweet” because the last time I made it, I was using local, pasture raised chicken and smothering it with processed things that were probably GMO, like Soy Sauce and Vegetable Oil. I felt guilty, even sinful putting theseContinue reading “Sinfully Sweet Honey Glazed Chicken”

Micro Essay: Treasure Hunter

Treasure Hunter by Sara Codair Waves are locked in ice on a silver day while dreams of summer stroll the shore. The gulls still sing but the tourists are gone. It’s just me who’s crazy enough to comb the beach today, searching for shells and glass hidden beneath the snow. I bend down. My unglovedContinue reading “Micro Essay: Treasure Hunter”

You Can’t Bribe The Dead — Magical Realism

I just had another story go live! What happens when some one is being haunted by two ghosts, one of which was a computer genius in life? Read my story to find out! Thanks! Sara   Corruption was a drug and Mario was hooked. He bought the building inspector whisky to ensure his permit wasContinue reading “You Can’t Bribe The Dead — Magical Realism”

Story Harvest

My summer of words may be over, but the fruits of my hard work are ripening. I may have picked my last summer squash and soy beans last month, but the peppers are finally changing color, the carrots are fat and the corn is tall. Writing isn’t that different from gardening. The first drafts are planted seeds.Continue reading “Story Harvest”

No Back to School Blues

For many childless adults, the idea of having summers off and going “back to school” in the fall is a distant memory. However, for those of us who haven’t spent much time working in the illusion known as the “real word,” summers off, or at least a off from our regular job, is a veryContinue reading “No Back to School Blues”

Ink In Thirds – Issue 5 — Ink In Thirds

This magazine wouldn’t be possible without the dedication and contribution of these talented individuals who help foster the love of the written word and the arts. I would also like to express my gratitude to all of our readers and champions of small press and indy magazines & journals. Remember, keep writing. Keep submitting. Keep […]Continue reading “Ink In Thirds – Issue 5 — Ink In Thirds”