Micro Essay: Treasure Hunter

Treasure Hunter by Sara Codair Waves are locked in ice on a silver day while dreams of summer stroll the shore. The gulls still sing but the tourists are gone. It’s just me who’s crazy enough to comb the beach today, searching for shells and glass hidden beneath the snow. I bend down. My unglovedContinue reading “Micro Essay: Treasure Hunter”

Micro Essay: Seasons

Seasons By Sara Codair The sky blooms with streaks of pink and purple, possibilities of endless nights sitting on the porch serenaded by peepers and crickets. The sky ignites my dreams of rowing and swimming under the blazing the sun. The sky promises romance and inspiration; ice cream and love. I hold his hand onContinue reading “Micro Essay: Seasons”

Waking the Cape

A brief foray into creative non-fiction: Waking the Cape By Sara Codair The smell of bacon and low tide permeate the air. I breathe deep, savoring the warm, salty aroma. The early spring air still has a bite to it, but the sun soothes the sting as it warms my skin. Its quiet still –Continue reading “Waking the Cape”