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The following are anthologies I have stories in. Click on the cover art to get to the book on Amazon.


Sara Codair


Almost up to date long list of my short fiction publications in alphabetical order:

“A Curious Case in the Deep” in Broadswords and Blasters

“A Leap of Faith” on Youth Imagination

“A Little 110” on Manawaker Studio Flash Fiction Podcast

“Anxiety Meets The Data Maze” in Ink In Thirds Issue 5

“At the Fork” in Theme of Absence  May 2017

“Beach Glass Blues” on

“Behind in the Scenes” in Unrealpolitik 

Berserker” in The Lorelei Signal

“Bovista Dermoxantha”in  Speculative 66

“Carpenter, Demon Hunter, Father” on The Flash Fiction Press

“Constellation Run” on

“Costume Connection” in Centum Press‘ 100 Voices. Available for purchase here. The coupon code 100V86 will save you 10%.

“Cumulonimbus” forthcoming from Hermeneutic Chaos‘ Milk Teeth Anthology

“Customer Service” in Owl Hollow Press’ Dark Magic anthology

Double Standard in Visions with Voices

“Faith in Eternal Stars” on Sick Lit Magazine.

“Half Breeds”  published NineStar Press as a standalone novelette.

“Her First Rodeo”  and “The Phoenix” Cracked Flash

“Ink and Ash” on The Society of Misfit Stories

“Insured Date” on Empyreome Magazine‘s Weekly Flash Series.

“A Kitten for the Kelpiecorn” in 4 Star Stories 

“Maturity”on 101

“Melanoma Americana” in Its All Trumped Up.

“Necromantic Buzz” in Women Write About Comic’s Secrets of the Goat People

“One Way” in Fantasia Divinity Magazine

Purgatory” in Sick Lit Magazine

“Red Tide Rising” in Helios Quarterly 

“Restoration in Twenty-five Minutes” on The Centropic Oracle.

“Resuscitative Creeping” in Speculative 66 

“Saved by the Goat” in Spaceports and Spidersilk

“Sea Specter”

“Shell Shedding” in Breath and Shadow

“Smashing Walls and Shopping Carts” in the RPD Society 

“Speeding Down a Snowy Road” on Zero Flash.

“Succubus Blues” in Unnerving Magazine.

“Surviving Seaglass” on The Drabble

“The Cell” 2nd place winner in Women on Writing Winter 2016 Contest

“The Closet: His and Hers” in Foliate Oak Literary Magazine and  Manawaker Studio Flash Fiction Podcast.

“The Last Chat” on The Yellow Chair Review

“The Mountebank” in Spaceports and Spidersilk

“The Necromantic Buzz” in Women Write About Comic’s new zine Secrets of the Goat People

“The Soul Plantation” in Broadswords and Blasters 

“Thunder Carts” in (Dis)Ability: A Short Story Anthology

“Triage” in Burning Water

“Un-Rung” on

“You Can’t Bribe the Dead” in Scrutiny in Sept. 2016

“You Won’t Believe How This Creature Changed Their Lives” in Vulture Bones.


 Research, A Writer-Prophet’s Paradox a guest post on The Submittable Blog

“Sew Your Story” on

“Slow and Steady” on Women on Writing’s The Muffin

“Confessions of a Feedback Junkie” on

“Conflicting Feedback: When Readers Play Tug-of-War” on


“Neither” in Dash


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