Nannywags Pet-Sitter — Shayna Leavy

A great post about a great petsitter!

Artemis Savory

Shayna Leavy is thrilled to meet me in one of her clients’ spacious backyards; there are three dogs: a Newfoundland, a lab, and a lab-rottie mix. They’re big, sweet dogs. There’s a kiddy-pool filled with water that Tuukka—the lab—keeps walking through. Shayna is all smiles and big dark sunglasses as she tells me about the dogs and other critters and what she does. I trust her in an instant—this is the hallmark of a truly good pet-sitter: trustworthy.

I started Nannywags about a year ago. I was in a very bad car accident and it left me not able to go back to my old job. When I was in the car accident I was in the backseat with one of my friends’ dogs, and my first instinct was to grab the dog so she wouldn’t fly out the window. We rolled and everything. That was two and a half…

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