COVER REVEAL: Power Surge by Sara Codair

Power Surge finally has a cover! When I get caught up with my revisions for my next novel, I’ll blog about the experience working with NineStar Press’ talented cover artist, Natasha Snow, not just from the perspective of an author but of someone who has also done cover art for a small publisher.

For now, head over to Small Queer, Big Opinions for a sneak peak!

The banner for the blog post isn’t the cover. You have to scroll down to see the actual cover.

via COVER REVEAL: Power Surge by Sara Codair

Published by Sara

Sara Codair lives in a world of words, writing fiction in every free moment, teaching writing at a community college and binge-reading fantasy novels. When not lost in words, Sara can often be found hiking, swimming, or gardening. Their first novel, Power Surge, was published in October 2018. Find Sara's words at and @shatteredsmooth.

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